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  1. my head is dismissed as being empty of all complex thought, because how can sixteen years be enough to feel a lifetime’s worth of love and loss? but they forget, they always forget, that hormones and heartbreak both start with an h.
  2. Mary Magdalene was regarded as "the forbidden female" in the Christian tradition: wild, free and sinful. This book contains a dialogue with and messages from Mary Magdalene, channeled by Pamela Kribbe (PhD). It is about male and female energy, relationships, sexuality and healing.
  3. Day-to-day book promotion from Day 1 through Day 90...and beyond!
  4. How to write and speak persuasively to achieve organizational goals.
  5. A brief overview of the American criminal justice system.
  6. The Jeshua Channelings speak about the rise of heart-based consciousness.
  7. Revolutionary new book designed to help men attract more women.
  8. Way of Escape is a story of redemption. This book presents the author's personal experiences with severe childhood abuse. It is written to encourage others who have been victims, and to demonstrate that God's grace is more than sufficient to redeem even the most horrific past. Innocence once lost is reclaimed, and the shattered soul is restored.
  9. With the help of a loving teacher, two neglected girls in a foster home find love and guidance for a better life. A hulking boy provides protection when trouble approaches the girls.
  10. Most often we are told the "what and why" of capacity management, but not how to make it happen. This book provides good practical approach on how to implement the process, with a view to bringing its benefits to the organization. Capacity management is incomplete without business driven capacity planning.
  1. Stories of trans and gay Mormons balancing their spiritual and temporal lives. Essays on gun reform, universal healthcare, and climate change. Concluding with a handful—and mouthful—of erotic tales based on the author’s experiences in a French Quarter gay bookstore and as a young missionary in Italy.
  2. Jonathan Black, ruler of his Wall Street trading desk is replaced by a computer. Concurrently, the FBI starts investigating him for insider trading. The agent coerces him to work several stings, including insider trading, mortgage fraud, jury tampering and a Ponzi scheme. Blackie tries to hide his insatiable money need from her. Lives are at stake.
  3. Story of D. Co. 3/187th Infantry (ABN), 101st Airborne Division
  4. Family Relationships in Crisis Situations
  5. The Civil War tribulations of Martha Whitehead are retold in this sensitive account of her life. Growing up amid constant change and questioned loyalties the wisdom of her grandparents and the gentle love of a young man hold her world together. Written as a narrative, this biography is brought to life by its gripping story line and dialogue.
  6. John Duffey’s Bluegrass Life: Featuring The Country Gentlemen, Seldom Scene and Washington, D.C. is the definitive biography of one of bluegrass music’s most important artists in the history of the genre. His work as a founding member of these two pioneering bands, John Duffey urbanized bluegrass and introduced it to a broad new audience.
  7. The 70's and 80's were truly glorious times for the salon industry. So very many salons were located in malls, the centerpiece for shopping, socializing, and, hooking up with the opposite sex. A delightful but very candid memoir of a hair stylist who worked there. This guy makes Christian Grey look like an amateur….
  8. In this city the crime rate is dropping. Health problems are improving. Zoo animals are experiencing behavior changes. All this only in this one city!
  9. A Marine Corps Memoir
  10. Healing cancer requires knowledge of alternative treatments. Here it is.

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Recently Added
Never seen before road map to the critical components of what makes coaching work, blended with candid snapshots of life. This book will matter to people who care about living, transforming and evolving lives, including their own.
It is at the end of the 17th century and the Vampire nation has risen to power. Within the halls of the Catholic Church it hides and matures under the guise of the Inquisition, looking for others of their kind and condemning those who stand in their way. Their greatest threat does not come from outside their walls but from within their own kind.
Paul “Turkey Pete” Eitner went west in search of cowboys, but found much more than he bargained for. Unrequited love eventually landed him behind bars in the Montana State Prison, but that did not end his adventures. From rabbits to turkeys, boxing to breakouts, and riots to riches, Paul’s life became a legend larger than even the Rocky Mountains.
In this intriguing thriller, one man attempts to stop a psychotic serial killer before he extracts his ultimate revenge against the Army, the Nation and perhaps even the world. It is a suspense thriller with a different twist.
What science and Scripture say about homosexuality.
A Prosecutor in the Dallas County District Attorney's Office gets personally involved in a case and is eventually charged with murder of a dangerous narcotics dealer. This involvement is directly related to Linden, Texas, a small town where the prosecutor was raised. At trial, a secret witness testifies in an effort to save him.
Jude uses a pointed style to open the curtain and expose the apostate preachers who were infiltrating even the first century church. In this book, pastor Tom attempts to merge some of his own experiences as a pastor with examples of modern-day preachers gone amuck, with clear, practical interpretation of this final epistle written to the church.
A hard-boiled dimensional detective, a Princess and a robot embark on a curious adventure in search of Reality and The Meaning of Life.
“Nano" is a continuation of the previous book “Metamorphosis” published in 2015. The epic journey continues with Miranda Macleod, after suffering with the horrible illness of “Morgellons". Miranda finds herself a victim of human Bio-experimentation/Electronic torture. Then the fight for her very life begins...
Corporal Michael Travis was looking for a fun night on the town, but one of his friends dies from a gunshot and his sister and girlfriend are missing. Desperate to avenge this atrocity, he soon realizes this crime has its roots in the past, and that one man in particular is gunning for him. As his comrades take his side, his women are his targets.
Easy Peasy when you know is a light-hearted look at life and its problems, patterns and possible solutions.
Death by Chocolate explains a contest our Library puts on every year in September along with the community chocolate celebration. The book describes how this contest works including all forms and description of this contest. It also include some of the winners in both Youth and Adults and their winner recipes.