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SURVIVING GRIEF: 365 Days a Year by Gary Sturgis

SURVIVING GRIEF: 365 Days a Year

by Gary Sturgis

542 pages
Surviving Grief - 365 Days a Year is a follow-up to Gary's bestselling book Surviving - Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing. Gary offers you reassuring guidance and comforting advice as you travel through your personal grief journey.

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About the Book
After the loss of a loved one, grief can become overwhelming and one of the most devastating experiences you can face in life. The death and subsequent aftermath are life changing. Author Gary Sturgis knows first-hand that grief is an everyday experience and dealing with the pain and sorrow on a daily basis can be a daunting task.

In SURVIVING GRIEF: 365 Days a Year, Gary offers you reassuring guidance and comforting advice as you travel through your personal grief journey. He provides a daily reflection for each day of the calendar year. Reading just one page a day will help you find hope as you progress through the healing process.

Each day provides a unique perspective on the different aspects of grief and loss, to help you work through the pain of losing someone you love. Gary shares intimate details of the personal stages you’ll encounter on your daily grief journey, and he once again throws you a ‘life preserver’ if you’re drowning in your grief.

After a loved one dies, each day can be a struggle. These easy-to-read daily reflections will help you find the courage and support you need. The grief journey is long, but this book will accompany you each day along the way.


"As with Gary’s first book, “Surviving, Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing”, “SURVIVING GRIEF: 365 Days a Year" touches upon the ongoing feelings that continue to surface after losing a loved one. Gary’s book is easy to read, providing the reader with sensitive guidance towards coping with the lifelong feelings of loss. Gary provides readers with short yet intimate excerpts from people who are dealing with loss and are on their own paths of grieving. Ultimately, Gary has yet again written a simple, sensitive and thoughtful book."
- Beth Wagner
"Gary Sturgis writes with great eloquence, empathy, and compassion. He helps us to understand that the love we have known is the precious unending link between our past and our present , and our present and our future. The book is a beautifully written- reminder that no one is alone in their grief! I loved this book!!!
- Lisa Gordon
"I've tried to read several books on grief, but none of them spoke to me like this one. The book doesn't simply say, "Your loved one is in a better place." I already know that, but I still miss him. This book lets you know that it's okay to cry, and that there is no specific timetable for your grief. The author knows that you will get through the good and bad days. He did it!"
- Tom O'Brien


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About the Author
Gary Sturgis Gary Sturgis survived the greatest loss of his life and now works as a Grief Specialist, Bereavement Facilitator and Speaker, guiding and supporting others in their struggle with grief. He finds it an honor to help those that are grieving a loss navigate their way through the maze of grief in a very personal and meaningful way. He lives by the ocean in Plymouth, Massachusetts.



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