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GRIEF: Hope in the Aftermath by Gary Sturgis

GRIEF: Hope in the Aftermath

by Gary Sturgis

172 pages
I wrote this book to help others like me who are on a journey of grief. I consider it a handy “companion” to use along the way. If you have experienced a tragic loss, or know someone else that has, the road of grief doesn’t have to be walked alone.

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About the Book
Losing someone you love feels like you are adrift at sea – lost and alone. You are overcome by sorrow and heartache and unsure of how to continue life without them. Gary Sturgis writes with deep insight about the journey of love and loss and how to chart a course to healing. Through his work facilitating support groups and conducting workshops, he shares what he has learned on a personal level in an honest and heart-felt way. He offers advice and encouragement to those of us grieving the loss of a loved one.

Gary takes us through the physical and emotional effects of grief, helping us to navigate its difficult aspects while teaching us to recover during the process. He offers a comforting hand to help us steer through the rough waters he has experienced since his loss. By sharing his own reflections and those of people he has encountered along the way, he puts the issues of life and death in perspective and ultimately gives us courage to move forward. Although we may never totally accept our loss or recover from our grief, Gary helps us find hope in the aftermath.


“In this beautifully written offering for our broken hearts, Gary Sturgis walks with us in our sorrow. We don’t have to apologize for being sad! Grief is not a disease from which we must be cured as soon as possible! Rather, the landscape of loss is one of the holiest spaces we can enter. Gary serves as our fearless, feisty, and profoundly compassionate guide.”
- John Madori
"Gary Sturgis knows grief intimately: he’s a grief specialist, speaker and widower. In this wonderfully honest and deeply generous book, Gary confronts the reality of grieving and reminds us that ‘love is the thing that lasts.”
- Joan Weaver
“Gary Sturgis tells the truth about loss, and in doing so, he normalizes an experience that has been censored and stigmatized. "GRIEF - Hope in the Aftermath" is enormously comforting and validating. Through his life work, and now this important book, Gary leads us to a place that’s rare in our culture: a place where our loss is valued and honored and heard.”
- Trace Grant


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About the Author
Gary Sturgis Gary Sturgis survived the greatest loss of his life and now works as a Speaker, Bereavement Facilitator and Grief Specialist guiding and supporting others in their struggle with grief. He finds it a gift to be able to help others navigate their way through the rough seas of grief.

He lives by the ocean in Plymouth, Massachusetts.



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