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The Muslim Masquerade by Jim Croft

The Muslim Masquerade

by Jim Croft

103 pages
Islam peaceful? PC assertions nullified by history and holy books.

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Category: Politics
About the Book

Post the 9/11 attacks on America by Islamic terrorists the broadcast media bombarded us with the politically correct assertion that Islam is a peaceful religion. The "experts" explained that Islam has no culpability in such matters and cited various Koranic verses that seemingly present it as a religion that solely promotes international harmony. Islam was depicted as an ideal lifestyle that fosters the ultimate in creativity and productivity among its adherents and tranquil interpersonal relationships with those of other faiths.

The Muslim Masquerade will give you "the rest of the story". It defuses the naivety of those who blindly accept the PC spin on Islam and will confirm the suspicions of those who discern that what we are being told is at best incomplete and less than candid. Using simple to understand language and logic, the biblical scholar, Jim Croft, will lead you on an insightful trek. You will journey through Islam's history, its holy books, and its track record for producing hazard-ridden results for those living in Islamic states. Your comprehension will be alerted to the strategic dissimilarities between the fruits of Islam and those of Christianity.

The Muslim Masquerade will equip you with understanding about little known aspects of Islam that will liven your discussions about vital contemporary issues. It will arm you to cite Koranic texts, historical facts and statistics that belie the notion that Islam shares no responsibility in inciting international terrorism. If the teachings of Mohammed were surgically removed from the hearts and minds of the members of terrorist organizations, their primary motivations for mayhem would evaporate. You can enlighten others with pertinent realities. Muslims flourish in nations founded on Judeo-Christian values and they languish in states controlled by their clerics. Muslims ascend to optimum levels of creativity only in environments wherein their degree of conformity to Islamic Law is a matter of choice rather than coercion. Nations that have embraced Western values over the past century dwarf the GNPs of Islamic countries, in the number of Nobel Prize recipients, and in their citizens? contributions to the welfare of mankind. On the other hand, Muslim-controlled nations dwarf free democracies in human rights infractions and in infant mortality ratios and illiteracy rates.

The Muslim Masquerade is a short, easy-read. It cautions all not to presume that every person with Arabic features is a Muslim and discourages all from indicting all Muslims as dangerous fundamentalists. Even though the percentage that are radicals has been underestimated and the moderation of the moderate Muslims exaggerated, millions of our nation?s Muslims are delightful, productive people that have been westernized and make great neighbors. This book offers recommendations to boost our nation?s Department of Homeland Security. It is a must read for anyone that wants information about Islam that distinctively goes beyond that which is reported on the evening news.


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About the Author
Jim Croft has a unique ability to unravel and simply complex spiritual issues influencing contemporary life. His intriguing manner of presentation has spawned invitations to scores of nations and his works have been published in various languages. Married 40 years, Jim has four daughters whose families are enjoying productive lives.



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