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Piper Mae and the Purple-y Day! by LAURA Lander

Piper Mae and the Purple-y Day!

by LAURA Lander

28 pages
Piper Mae and the Purple-y Day is a peek into the mind of a child and her delight in a favorite color. Throughout her day, Piper Mae encounters choices. The reader is engaged in guessing what her decisions will be, with the colorful illustrations revealing the correct answers.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Piper Mae and the Purple-y Day is a charming peek into the mind of a child and her delight in a favorite color. As her day unfolds, Piper Mae encounters choices, from what outfit she will wear to what flavor she will choose. For young children, the topic of favorite color is of nearly universal interest. The text engages the reader and the child who is being read to in guessing what Piper Mae’s decisions will be. The colorful illustrations reveal the correct answers. Further dialogue as to what the child’s own choices would be may easily follow. The book ends with a question that will stimulate any child’s imagination. Fun to read any time, this book lends itself well to snuggling and sweet conversation for parent and child at bedtime.


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About the Author
LAURA Lander Laura Lander has lovingly written and illustrated this second of her books for children. She currently resides in Maine, where she spends her days writing, painting and exploring the natural beauty that surrounds her. In addition to her previous children’s book, Laura has published several memoirs and other books of inspiration, encouragement, and wisdom gleaned from life experience.



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