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MEDICINE WOMAN AWAKENING: A Story of Soul Retrieval by Laura Lander


by Laura Lander

228 pages
A memoir whose span extends, quite literally, beyond this world.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Medicine Woman Awakening is a memoir that follows the unfolding change of direction in one life’s path initiated by an unexpected message from a surprising source and guided by thoughtful awareness of events along the way. An invitation to visit a psychic provides life-changing information. A series of dreams points to a personal need for shamanic soul retrieval. As more of her own life essence is returned to her through cumulative soul retrievals, Laura cultivates the emerging recognition of who she is and what her life more fully lived is to look like.

She embarks on shamanic training with the intention of service. In this answering of a call to stand up and step into her gifted powers, Laura encounters willing help and encouragement from higher beings. Her dedicated practice of shamanic journeying provides access to helpful wisdom on practical life issues such as relationships, career, and finances and ever-broadening perspective on life and self.

As Laura begins to offer shamanic healing on behalf of others she finds affirmation and confirmation in the very evident effectiveness of these endeavors. New awareness concerning her career and her life purpose is cultivated through shamanism and soul retrieval, and in turn brings about a shift in old paradigms. She gradually transforms her work schedule as a massage therapist in private practice to support time for daily writing. She embarks on the process of published authorship, takes oil painting classes, illustrates her own books, and pursues training in voiceover work.

The unanticipated ending of her massage career that is her source of livelihood provides the dare and the invitation to move in the direction of her dreams, to become her future self. Honoring a lifelong yearning, Laura relocates from Kentucky, where she has lived for thirty-four years, to Maine where she begins a new life, empowered and informed by all that has occurred.

For readers unfamiliar with shamanism and soul retrieval, this book may serve as a compelling introduction to both. In her preface, the author suggests an analogy to the restoration of wholeness that is brought about by soul retrieval. This resulting wholeness may be likened to a river and its tributaries. As more streams empty themselves into the current of the river, becoming a part of it, the river reaches the fullness of its potential, becoming deeper, stronger and more powerful. Likewise, a similar fullness of potential is experienced as more parts are returned and united with a soul. The cumulative effect is the beauty of a life lived in fulfillment of its original intention.

Also explained in the preface is the disclaimer in reference to the nomenclature of “Medicine Woman” in the title. Intended as a general term that includes women in all varieties of healing professions, its use here is in no way a specific claim to the unclaimable designation of “shaman”.

This narrative makes an inspiring and encouraging travel companion to all who endeavor to follow a life path of conscious personal growth and spiritual evolution.


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About the Author
Laura Lander Well into her second-half-of-life adventure, Laura Lander continues to find her days ever more engaging. In 2016, pursuing a life-long dream of living in New England, she relocated from Kentucky to Maine where she writes, paints and explores her new environs. Laura is a practitioner of shamanic healing.



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