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Nico's Alphabet Book by Laura Lander

Nico's Alphabet Book

by Laura Lander

64 pages
Nico’s Alphabet Book is a unique and colorful presentation of letters and images that will delight and engage, artistically arranged in whimsical ways to keep children and their adults entertained from page A to Z!

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Category: Children
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About the Book
Nico’s Alphabet Book is a colorful cornucopia of images that delight the eye and engage the imagination. Each double page panorama features a letter of the alphabet along with a montage of items all beginning with that same letter, artistically arranged in sometimes whimsical ways that will keep children and the adults who read to them entertained from page A to Z!

Many items are simple enough for toddlers to identify, making this book enjoyable for even the youngest children. Other items featured are advanced enough to interest pre-school, kindergarten-age, and primary grade children. Some may even call for a peek at the list of key words provided at the end of the book, which easily becomes a game of seek-and-find that will captivate children of all ages, and their parents, too!

Nico’s Alphabet Book offers a learning discovery that is as lovely to look at as it is instructional. This book makes a valuable addition to any daycare story corner or classroom collection, and will easily become a cherished after-school or bedtime favorite!


“What a beautiful alphabet book… each page chock full of wonderful imaginative illustrations!”
- Sarah Dailey, artist and grandmother
“Super playful! I love it!”
- Dawn Wallace, artist and mother


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About the Author
Laura Lander Laura Lander has written and illustrated twelve books, six of which are for children. She illustrates for other authors as well. Currently residing in Maine, Laura spends her days painting, writing, meeting new friends, and exploring the natural beauty of that state.



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