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WISDOM JOURNEY: We Are All One by Laura Lander


by Laura Lander

326 pages
The recounting of a midlife path toward wisdom and oneness.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Wisdom Journey by Laura Lander, traces one woman’s personal evolution fostered by life and spirit. Both prequel and sequel to the author’s previous book, Chapters From the Farmhouse Journal, this volume encompasses the several years that led up to the major life change described in that book and goes beyond that time to the events that immediately ensued. It is a thoughtful memoir of awareness that begins with a vivid childhood dream and then fast-forwards to the construction of a backyard labyrinth with surprising angelic assistance. Thus begins seven years of synchronicities and unfolding episodes that illustrate how one hijacked prayer for wisdom on the island of Maui receives its remarkable answer.

Travelling to Hawai’i to study the traditional massage practice of lomilomi brings the gift of an eternal assurance of providence and care that becomes a life mantra and a lullaby. Exploring the source of neck pain in a quest for healing and wholeness takes Laura all the way through a variety of therapies back to her teen years, early childhood, then unexpectedly back into the womb and beyond. The panther whom she could not outrun in a terrifying childhood dream returns as a guide to help and empower her as a woman about to embark on the second half of her life with purpose and enthusiasm. A simple appointment for a session of hot stone massage becomes a meeting with elders to evoke an agreement to participate in the Native American ritual of Vision Quest. Messengers from nature in the form of woodland animals, trees, insects, and birds show up with remarkable coincidence and significance.

Wisdom Journey is a simple and straightforward sharing of a spiritual awareness that has grown and expanded beyond the boundaries of any one organized religion to embrace a universe full of grace. The author draws from her experience of various outer traditions and perspectives such as the Roman Catholicism in which she was raised, indigenous shamanic practice, native Hawaiian wisdom, and extensive reading, as well as delving into inner reflection through bodywork, meditation, psychosomatic therapy, past life experience and dream work.

This book is offered as a companion to any persons who are making wisdom journeys of their own. The telling of one’s own story not only brings attention and healing to the heart of the storyteller, but has the capacity to awaken and stir these same gifts in the heart of the reader. All of our individual life stories, as unique as they may appear, have a remarkable degree of similarity and a commonality at their core that can teach us if we pay attention. We are all more connected than we know.


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About the Author
Laura Lander Well into her second-half-of-life adventure, Laura Lander continues to find her days ever more engaging. In 2016, pursuing a life-long dream of living in New England, she relocated from Kentucky to Maine where she writes, paints and explores her new environs. Laura is a practitioner of shamanic healing.



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