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DREAMWORK: How to Decode Your Dreams for Personal Growth by Laura Lander

DREAMWORK: How to Decode Your Dreams for Personal Growth

by Laura Lander

70 pages
A method for decoding and understanding dreams for personal growth.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Have you ever been intrigued by a dream? Have you ever felt that a dream held some significant message, something important but beyond your ability to grasp, leaving you mystified or unsettled? Has a dream ever evoked strong emotion in you, even upon waking?

Dreamwork: How to Decode Your Dreams for Personal Growth, by Laura Lander, presents a useful method of exploring one’s own dreams by decoding the symbolic messages implanted therein. Not a generic “dream dictionary”, this practical process is based on the premise that, since dreams are created in the subconscious mind, it is that part of your mind that must be consulted in order to understand their hidden meanings. No dream dictionary can provide the meaning of the symbols you place in your dreams. You, and only you, have the answers!

This book describes a step-by-step process of “cracking the code” of dream language through recognizing and working with individual subconscious associations with specific dream components. It escorts the reader through a fascinating variety of personal examples of the application of this process in the analysis of actual dreams, and the culminating discovery of their significance in the author’s own life.

For decades, Laura Lander has used this method in working with her own dreams and in helping others to understand theirs. Once you understand how to translate the people, places and objects in your dreams, you can cultivate the practice of tapping into this hidden wisdom presented by your subconscious mind.

This book is for anyone who is interested in discovering meaning in their own dreams for the purpose of self-understanding and personal growth.


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About the Author
Laura Lander Well into her second-half-of-life adventure, Laura Lander continues to find her days ever more engaging. In 2016, pursuing a life-long dream of living in New England, she relocated from Kentucky to Maine where she writes, paints and explores her new environs. Laura is a practitioner of shamanic healing.



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