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Take One For the Team by Jessica Terry

Take One For the Team

by Jessica Terry

328 pages
Love is no longer enough for struggling single mother Van.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Van Roseland is a single mother who doesn't know what it feels like to relax, thanks to a set of twins and mountain of debt given to her by her deceased fiance. Her boyfriend Joe is a hardworking, loving man who is perfect in just about every way...except financially. Thanks to his spiteful ex, he's unable to contribute as much as either he or Van would like him to. And Van starts wondering more and more if love is enough.

Grant McCallister has always been more successful in business than he's been in his personal life. He's preferred to just remain alone rather than deal with women who only want him for his millions. But after a chance meeting with Van, he begins to think he's finally found what he's been waiting for and resorts to somewhat shady tactics to get close to her, believing she's worth it.

Before too long, Van is on a roller coaster of emotions as her feelings and attraction for Grant deepen that has her questioning everything, especially her own personal morals. Some of her closest relationships are tested and after a while, Van has no idea what she's doing. She loves her some Joe, but she can't help wanting a better life for her children...



About the Author
Jessica Terry resides in Douglasville, GA with her son, Langston. Take One For the Team is her sixth published novel. She majored in Sport Management at Georgia Southern University, and got her license in Neuromuscular Therapy from Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health. Writing has always been her first love.



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