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Always and Nevers by Jessica Terry

Always and Nevers

by Jessica Terry

304 pages
Tarin and Jerome are both jaded on love. She believes relationships never last. He believes someone always cheats. Can they be each other's exception?

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
To say Tarin and Jerome were a little jaded when it came to love would be an understatement.

Tarin didn't bother thinking long-term when it came to relationships because to her, they never lasted, anyway.

Jerome figured if someone in a relationship wasn't cheating, they were thinking about cheating.

But neither of them can deny or resist the connection between them. They're both intrigued and freaked out by their rapidly-growing attraction to each other, and between outside influences and their longstanding demons, the deck feels stacked against them. It'll be up to them to determine if they be each other's exception, or if they'll succumb to their belief that relationships always end, never last...


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About the Author
Jessica Terry Jessica Terry attended Georgia Southern University and Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health. Of the many hats she wears, writing has always been what she loves the most. She lives in Douglasville, GA with her son, Langston, and is working on her next project.



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