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Some Like 'em Thick by Jessica Terry

Some Like 'em Thick

by Jessica Terry

232 pages
These three women are thick and NOT loving it!

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Category: Fiction:Romance
About the Book
Salvatrice Fontain is still reeling from the impersonal dissolution of her marriage, which was due partially to the weight she gained after saying “I do.” Now, she’s convinced that its only a matter of time before everyone she gets involved with will either get bored with her or find someone better. Even though she desperately wants a family of her own, she has adopted a ‘leave before you get left’ policy to spare herself more heartache…

Oasis Montgomery is tough as nails…or so she would have everyone believe. She’s confident on the outside, but no one knows about her fears about relationships, her plans for plastic surgery, or her constant internal battle about already having what she didn’t even think she was looking for…

Irie Simpson feels like she’s doomed for a life alone. Wanting to be a single-digit size but too embarrassed to admit it, she focuses on her friends and maintaining a relationship with the daughter that she gave up for adoption. Her only romantic prospect is a very persistent online suitor who she has no interest in meeting. She ponders somewhat drastic alternatives to being alone until she happens to be in the right place at the right time…

These women soon realize that their dress size is the least of their problems.


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About the Author
Jessica Terry was born in Atlanta and currently lives in Douglasville, GA with her son. She attended Georgia Southern University where she majored in Sport Management and is a licensed neuromuscular therapist. Reading and writing are her first loves and she is currently working on her next novel.



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