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It's All Right...Now by Jessica Terry

It's All Right...Now

by Jessica Terry

164 pages
Two childhood friends each handle thier husband's betrayal very differently...

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Ivy Dobbs-Thorne and Monica Collins are childhood friends who have seen each other through everything, and now that they're all grown up and each married to their high school sweethearts, they must lean on each other when they each start to suspect that their husbands are starting to stray...

Ivy has the kind of like plenty of women would kill for; a beautiful home, a nice car, and a husband who makes good money and insists that she not work. Seemingly she doesn't have to worry about anything...until she can no longer deny or justify the suspicious actions of her husband. When the night comes where she can no longer deny it, the dam on her restraint is broken and she stops trying to be the happy housewife and lets loose the woman that's been itching to get out for years...

Monica has known for quite some time that her husband was doing dirt but chose to just let him continue to dig his own grave, believing that it would all come to light eventually. She loves him enough to stick with him, longing for the longevity that her parents had in their marriage. Although when enough gets to be enough, she decides that if he can do as he pleases, so can she...

Can either marriage last after the trust is gone?


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About the Author
Jessica Terry Jessica Terry was born in Atlanta and raised in Douglasville, GA, where she still resides with her son. She attended Georgia Southern University and is a licensed neuromuscular therapist who is fulfilling a lifelong dream of being an author. She is currently at work on her next project.



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