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Decisions and Consequences by Jessica Terry

Decisions and Consequences

by Jessica Terry

282 pages
Natasha still can't seem to leave her ex, Davion, alone.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
In this sequel to Not By a Long Shot, Natasha Williams is still learning that her actions have consequences.

After learning the true paternity of her baby, Natasha begins yet another roller coaster ride of letting her ex-boyfriend Davion have a little too much space in her life, all the while professing her love and devotion to her husband, Sharif.

Meanwhile, Sharif is still trying to deal with the pain of his wifeís affair, and holding his tongue about Davion is still being in their lives. He tries to take solace in the fact that at least no one outside of himself, Natasha, and Davion know about their drama.

But when that little bit of comfort is shattered and news of Natashaís affair spreads throughout the family, she learns who is really in her corner and who isnít. Sharif feels like old wounds have just been re-opened, as well as gaining some new ones. As the issues pile on, Sharif begins to wonder if itís even worth it to stay.

Can Natasha finally get go of Davion and focus on her husband? Or will her inability to leave the past in the past leave her with nothing?



About the Author
Jessica Terry Jessica Terry attended Georgia Southern University, where she studied Sport Management, and Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health, obtaining her license in Neuromuscular Therapy. She resides in Douglasville, GA with her son, Langston. Decisions and Consequences is her fifth published novel.



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