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When You Share Too Much by Jessica Terry

When You Share Too Much

by Jessica Terry

478 pages
Ike and Anika asked their best friends Dorian and Chrisette for a huge favor to try and revive their marriage. Neither couple had any idea that one night would change everything.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
High school sweethearts Ike and Anika Mayhew have hit a rough patch in their 12-year marriage, and neither knows what to do to alleviate the growing tension between them. Then, Ike makes a suggestion to shake things up that Anika initially scoffs at, but finds herself more and more intrigued by...

Chrisette and Dorian Clarke were more than shocked when Ike asks them for this huge favor. Chrisette sees it as a way to break out of her good-girl persona, and Dorian only agrees because his wife does. The friends agree to one night together, with no inhibitions and no regrets.

But everything changes when both women wind up pregnant. The pregnancies bring one couple closer but drives the other apart, and they all fight for their friendships, their marriages, and their privacy. Many truths are revealed and each of them is tested as they prepare for the births. One couple won't be able to come back from it...


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About the Author
Jessica Terry Jessica Terry lives in Douglasville, GA with her son, Langston. She attended Georgia Southern University and Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health, and she is also a copywriter. When You Share Too Much is her ninth published novel. She’s currently at work on her next project.



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