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Empty Mind, Blank Page: 50 Ways to Unblock or Unleash Your Creativity by John Panepinto

Empty Mind, Blank Page: 50 Ways to Unblock or Unleash Your Creativity

by John Panepinto

66 pages
Learn to remove the obstacles and unleash your creative potential.

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About the Book
We are born storytellers. We are creative by nature. Yet, many have experienced a block in this innate potential. In Empty Mind, Blank Page, you will explore your creative potential and discover obstacles to its flow. Once you uncover the process of identifying and removing blocks to writing, you will become more aware and confident when faced with the nothingness of a blank page or the infinite potential of empty mind. You will no longer strengthen blocks with negative emotions, and you will find that you are more open to the ebb and flow of processes within the structure of imagination and creativity.

Empty Mind, Blank Page offers 50 ways to unblock and unleash your creativity. More importantly, it addresses blocks to writing in a unique way. This work offers a structure that addresses the most important entity in the creative process: who you are in the moment. You will be left with a sense of wholeness, wonder, and excitement to carry you through your present work, as well as future times when you are presented with vast potential of the blank page.


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About the Author
John Panepinto John C. Panepinto, PsyD, is an educator, consultant, counselor, and clinical supervisor living in North Carolina. Born and raised in New York City, he is married and has two sons. Dr. Panepinto writes and presents on development, fatherhood, parenting, resiliency, emotional intelligence, optimal performance, and creativity. He has authored several books on these topics, and offers content on resiliency and development on his website.



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