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The Teen Years: 8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask - Parenting in the Present with the Future in Mind by Dr. John C. Panepinto

The Teen Years: 8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask - Parenting in the Present with the Future in Mind

by Dr. John C. Panepinto

39 pages
The Teen Years helps parents align with key developmental needs of adolescence while guiding teens toward independence. The 8 Questions empower parents to reflect on their family story and parent in the present with the future in mind.

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About the Book
The foundation built in the early years of parenting helps with the inevitable changes and challenges of the teen years. Teenagers change more on the way to young adulthood than at any time since age two. As they change on the outside, even more is happening on the inside.

As teens engage in the important tasks of adolescence, parents enter a new stage as well. Parents still lead, guide, support, and discipline, but adolescence requires a different perspective. One that acknowledges the inevitability of young adulthood. The path from the dependence of childhood to independence is long and hard for teens. While they grow more independent, they still need you to be there like in the early years. It just looks different.

In a webbed world of step-by-step formulas, and plans that promise "easy,” the bare truth is that parenting is hard. There are no formulas or secrets, and nothing is easy. Searching for answers on the internet may provide helpful “tips” for one family, but the same ideas may be way off base for another.

So rather than a list of strategies, stock answers, and suggestions of “what to do,” this book offers another way to approach the complex challenge of raising teens. A process to draw on time and again through each new change and challenge. The Teen Years: 8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask provides a powerful way to get to the heart of the matter before you. Short and concise, this book provides you with important information on development and guides you beneath the surface of quick fixes to solid ground and deep meaning. Each chapter empowers you to ask the most important and illuminating questions that connect the past, present, and future in family life.

As a benefit of working through these questions, you will have a source you can refer back to in the years to come. While each teen is unique and on their own journey, this book will help you access the deepest and most important qualities of parenting and your developing teen. As you engage the questions and delve into the answers you envision, you create the conditions for bringing out the highest and best in your teen—and you.


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About the Author
Dr. Panepinto has worked in educational, clinical, and private settings for over twenty-five years. He serves as Clinical Psychologist for Carolina Developmental Pediatrics, maintains a private practice, and provides clinical supervision. Specializing in developmental psychology, attachment, parenting, and performance psychology, Dr. Panepinto has authored books and articles on these topics.



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