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8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask: Parenting in the Present with the Future in Mind by Dr. John C. Panepinto

8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask: Parenting in the Present with the Future in Mind

by Dr. John C. Panepinto

34 pages
8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask empowers parents to clarify their family vision and align with developmental principles. With answers you discover and meaningful to you, you can parent in the present with the future in mind.

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About the Book
Every child is unique. So is every family. And parenting is a most demanding and important life role. So how does a parent find their way while walking a path that will certainly change the moment you feel you're starting to figure "it" out? Stock answers and internet searches can lead you astray for what works for one family may not work for you. And to parent fairly is to parent each child differently. But in the years when children are dependent and need you most, there are important fundamentals and principles of development parents can rely on.

8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask offers a unique format to empower parents to clarify the importance of their role through the lens of crucial developmental principles. Why questions? Because rules, statements, and advice are limited in scope. They are often one size fits all. But questions enlist your creativity and reach the depths of what matters most. Questions lead you to the answers that work for you and are specific to you and your family right now. Because they apply to you and your situation, you can ask these same questions every step of the way through the years. Importantly, these 8 Questions will lead you to the answers that matter most to you.

Each chapter of 8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask provides key fundamentals of parenting and development. Each question guides you below the surface of quick fixes to a sturdy foundation to build upon. You may notice that these questions will feel like something you have had in the back of your mind. Something you’ve wondered about when you consider the responsibility of effectively raising children. Answering these questions will feel like the conversation you wanted to have but possibly didn’t know how. As you dig into these questions, you quickly go to the heart of an important matter in parenting.

Trust the process and over time you will find yourself better able to find what works for you and your child in this stage... and the next. Not only will you discover the “how” in your parenting, but you will uncover the deepest “why” in your heart. When you know “how” and “why” then “what to do” flows from warm responsiveness and strong support. With the answers before you, the reasons why parenting matters become clearer. From inside-out, you find how parenting influences beyond parent and child, beyond family. You discover the connection between the answers you create and how they influence each generation. And the future.


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About the Author
Dr. Panepinto has worked in educational, clinical, and private settings for over twenty-five years. He serves as Clinical Psychologist for Carolina Developmental Pediatrics, maintains a private practice, and provides clinical supervision. Specializing in developmental psychology, attachment, parenting, and performance psychology, Dr. Panepinto has authored books and articles on these topics.



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