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Eye of the Hawk by R.L. Pool

Eye of the Hawk

by R.L. Pool

246 pages
A young girl finds that she has inherited a fortune, as well as an ancient responsibility. She must choose to become an agent for maintaining life on this planet, or ignore the call and just life a life of ease.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy:Action And Adventure
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About the Book
Hi. I’m Marissa Sanlier. Up until a few days ago, I was a twenty-year-old girl living with my great, great… maybe a few more greats… aunt in Pennsylvania. She died… mysteriously… and left me everything. Her fortune, her corporation, and this huge estate.

But she also left me a note. That note led me to secrets that dated back thousands… tens of thousands of years and laid to rest the question of where we came from, why we were here, and who made us this way.

I stumbled onto an ancestry of assassins dedicated to seeing the innocents remain free, and ensuring the plots of secret societies hidden in the shadows never come to pass. Secret societies that always existed, clouded in conspiracy theories, but whose history dates back to the birth of mankind!

My great aunt trained me from a toddler to one day take her place… unknown to me… and I was now supposed to simply accept her role as guardian?

The choice is clear.

I could fade into a privileged lifestyle, ignore the genetic enhancements passed on to me by dead parents, and watch the world fall slowly into chaos, slavery, and total subjugation by those working in the shadows.

Or I could take up the mantle of my ancestors and become…

The Hawk!


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About the Author
R.L. Pool is twice retired, US Army and Metrology Technician for the US Army. He lives on top of a mountain in Central Texas where he writes Fantasy for his young relatives and sips coffee on his front porch.



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