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Illani's Song: Book 3 of "Hell's Blade" Series by R.L. Pool

Illani's Song: Book 3 of "Hell's Blade" Series

by R.L. Pool

396 pages
Illani was found in secret chambers within the Lost Citadel. When Holy found her, she spoke of the gods leaving her and her people here and flying away. The link to Atlantis caught Holly's attention immediately.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
When Holly Kelley and her mother joined Patricia Langstrom in her return to Atrial, she never dreamed she’d have a chance to find answers to questions that had fascinated her from an early age.

Illani was… tiny. She’d been living in the darkness of the “Lost Citadel” Pat and Myra had found years ago in the southern mountains. Alone, the little white-haired girl had survived. How?

That’s the subject Holly was determined to find out, as well as chase the little girl’s history back to the land her people came from. An excursion to the west and the continent of Alanis would be required to find the answers Holly needed. And the discovery of tablets, cuneiform in clay, only whetted her appetite for discovery.

Illani was the sweetest, most forgiving, and precious little girl Holly had ever met. And her song…

Her song could heal a broken heart, calm a savage beast, and turn men who walked the dark edges of evil back to the light. It was time to bring her history to the light of the world and let her share…

… her song.


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About the Author
R.L.Pool is twice retired, US Army and Metrology Technician for the US Army. He lives on top of a mountain in Central Texas where he writes Fantasy for his young relatives and sips coffee on his front porch.



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