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Hell's Blade by R.L. Pool

Hell's Blade

by R.L. Pool

422 pages
The question is not whether LT Sarah MacLocklin is ready to walk the dark corridors of Hell to the Gates of Heaven. The question is…are they ready for her?!

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
Over a millennium ago, demons from the sixth and seventh level of Hell fought their way to the third level… the level made up of mostly soldiers from the many wars mankind had waged throughout history. There, the lower demons were stopped, but not before over a thousand escaped into an alter world to wreak havoc on the human populace.

The reigning Lord of the Third Level was tasked by the Guardians of the Gates to pursue those demons, return them to Hell or leave them doomed to roam endlessly without form or substance.

The demons from the third level were sorely taxed, with little to show for a millennium of fighting… until she showed up.

1LT Sarah MacLocklin is the commander of a combat medical/surgical team on her way to a fourth tour in the “Big Sand-Box”. All she wanted was to do a little hiking in Virginia to calm the nightmares from watching her friends die in her arms. She laid down in the forests of Virginia, and woke in the middle of a new nightmare not of her making.

The question is not whether she is ready to stand against the demons escaped so long ago into a world of flintlocks and swords, or walk the dark corridors of Hell to the Gates of Heaven. The question is…are they ready for her?!

"Hell's Blade" will take you on a roller-coaster ride through the passages of Hell, to the gates of Heaven and into a storm of demons bringing pain and horror to the inhabitants of an alter Earth.

WARNING: Rated MA: Language, violence and suggestive situations.


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About the Author
R.L. Pool served in the US Army and traveled to several continents as a function of that service. After his retirement in 1988, he began work as a Metrology Technician for a branch of the National Institute of Standards Technology. He is a father and grandfather and currently lives in Leakey, Texas.



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