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NEVERMORE... by Kat Lewis and R.L. Pool


by Kat Lewis and R.L. Pool

184 pages
With intimate knowledge of the dark web...skills used to develop better security software for her multi-billion-dollar corporation...Victoria Dahl finds those who steal children's lives and souls. Then, her more lethal skills come into play.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
Victoria Dahl is a self-made multi-billionaire who owns, is CEO of, and is the major stockholder for Dahl Haus Cyber Systems, Inc. in Silicon Valley. She made her startup capital as an operative for the Central Intelligence Agency. Any task that seemed impossible was handed to her with unlimited funds to see the task to completion… and they didn’t ask how.

While the world rides upon the glittery surface of imagined joy and prosperity, the dark underbelly of humanity brings in and distributes drugs, guns and sends innocents into slavery of the worst sort. Human trafficking is evil in itself, but when the criminal organizations find profit in taking children from their parents to sell to a distasteful market, they open the door to long hidden talents.

With her intimate knowledge of the dark web… skills she used to develop better and better security software for her multi-billion-dollar corporation… Victoria Dahl finds those who would steal children’s lives and souls. Then, her more lethal skill set comes into play.

In this, the first part of the three part series, Vickie enlists the aid of six very young hackers to find, track and destroy an international criminal organization that trafficks in children. Once they have located those taken... as well as the guns, drugs and money... Vickie and her army attempts to remove their "products", funds and livelihood, and reduce the organization to rubble.

Many of those evil organizations she tracks seek her, fear her, hide from her. They’ve sent assassins for her but all have failed. She is a phantom, a ghost, a wraith.

She is… The Raven.


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About the Author
R.L. Pool is twice retired, US Army and Metrology specialist for the National Institute of Standards Technology. Kat Lewis is Pool’s niece and coauthor, as well as the artist for the covers. Her knowledge of computer technology was irreplaceable in portraying the story. They both live in Leakey, Texas.



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