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Run Along Now by Jackie Adams

Run Along Now

by Jackie Adams

264 pages
Not only is this novel about a FEMALE serial killer, but she’s very likeable! Read what’s on her mind! Suzanne, a young lady with a chip on her shoulders. She killed and will kill again! After all she is a serial killer.

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Category: Fiction:Crime
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About the Book
Suzanne, a young lady in her 20s, is a vicious serial killer out to doom and gloom any man who crosses her path. She justifies her actions by telling herself she will no longer tolerate the pain in which these men cause her. She buys them certificates that are stars named after them, then after she kills them, she keeps the certificates in her scrapbook as a trophy. She sees it as less bad men for good women to deal with.

Malone and Clark are detectives who are partners assigned to the case. They’ve discovered she’s female, but they have no idea who she is. As they chase after her they get a little closer each day. Every time they start to lose hope in catching her a new lead comes in.

Whom do the three of them meet along their journeys? Some leading to new places! Malone even dips his toes in the dating scene after he was cheated out of his first relationship twelve years before, he thought would be a forever one.

As the story unfolds there’s an attachable reality to reading Suzanne and her story. It makes this tale of twists of a different type. Dare to journey your eyes across the pages to see if Malone and Clark catch Suzanne? Where they try? How they’ll do it?


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About the Author
I live in Missouri with my two dogs and handsome son. I enjoy writing very much! I hope you enjoy reading all of my imaginary adventures.



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