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Simplicity, A Love Story by Jackie Adams

Simplicity, A Love Story

by Jackie Adams

230 pages
Darcy's boyfriend left her, heartbroken, she wonders whether she will ever love again. She meets an advertising agent, Michael, at a dog park after moving to the big city next door to be with friends. Will their relationship blossom into love?

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Contemporary
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About the Book
Darcy was heartbroken when it didn't work out with Jared and herself. She knew she couldn't share the house they lived in together anymore. It was time to move on and out to the city next door. It's much bigger and where her best friends Rose and Ben live. She'd be further from her brother, but she knew they could travel to see each other. Darcy tries to get a job at a few books stores and a library. The library hires her as a custodian. She works there with three newly made friends: Arianna, Jessica and Greg. Jessica and Greg end up becoming more than just friends as their relationship blooms Darcy finds herself making a friend as well. His name is Michael.

Michael is an advertising agent climbing his way up the ladder hoping to get promoted as a partner. He is in need of a dog for his television commercial for a bistro which is located in a tidy alley. He goes to the dog park and that's where he meets Darcy and her bloodhound, Sarge. Michael likes the look of Sarge and decides he'll make a great dog for the commercial. He gets Darcy's phone number and permission to use Sarge.

During Michael and Darcy’s acquaintance he asks Darcy out on a date. Where she gladly accepts. They end up having many adventures together. Right when they start to get a little too close Darcy explains to Michael she doesn’t want to have sex until after marriage. Michael is frustrated and not sure how to respond, so he ends up ghosting her.

Carla Truman found Michael attractive since college. She’d been busting out the moves on him for a couple of months. Michael finally calls Carla after things with Darcy went awry. He and his sister, Katielynn, make plans to meet for lunch with Carla. After all, Carla wanted to catch up on old times with his sister that she also went to college with.

Darcy and Rose end up at the same restaurant as Michael, Katielynn, and Carla are at. She notices that Michael and Carla are seated together and touching hands. After ghosting her so long she figures Michael has moved on.

Will their relationship end, because Michael doesn’t want to get married so soon or wait to be with Darcy? Will he move on with Carla? Or will he comes to his senses and end up back with Darcy?


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About the Author
Jackie Adams is an author of six books. She lives in Missouri with her teenage son and two dogs.



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