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The Third Eye by Jackie Adams

The Third Eye

by Jackie Adams

284 pages
Nessie is a photographer who comes home to find her best friend lying in a pool of blood to discover she’s dead. Nessie ends up falling in love with the detective working April’s case. He starts getting cold feet, why?

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Category: Fiction:Crime
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About the Book
As the story begins, Nessie finds something in her camera that might help the police solve an investigation. Unfortunately, she finds its too late. It does not help, because that person has already been tried. When Nessie gets home and finds her best friend, April, lying face down in a pool of blood, she quickly calls the police. Sadly, the police discover that her best friend is dead.

Nessie and her sister Lisa are very close, so Nessie decides to stay with Lisa until she can move out of the apartment she shared with April. A new apartment comes up suddenly, thanks to her sister’s friend, and Nessie falls in love with it.

Soon, Nessie’s photography studio, Eyelusion, is broken into. Nessie feels that the culprit is connected to April’s murder. She wonders if he or she is looking for her. She also wonders if he or she is looking for something in her studio.

Nessie is glad to be moved into her new apartment and she and her sister fix it up, buying new furniture and décor. Unfortunately, the apartment is broken into as well. Nessie walks in on it, but she doesn’t see who is doing it. She is hit on the back of the head and suffers a concussion that leaves a wound with five stitches.

Now she’s in the hospital recovering.

Fortunately for Nessie, she had just started dating Detective Swarm, the detective on April’s case. He hires a company to come in and straighten and clean Nessie’s apartment while she’s in the hospital.

Nessie concentrates on her photography appointments when she gets out of the hospital, as Detective Swarm is called to investigate more cases of dead bodies. He knows they are all linked, because each body is laid out just like April’s body. Is there a serial killer on the loose?

When Detective Swarm finds a dead body with the same shirt Nessie had on when they met, he is horrified. He puts a policeman outside Nessie’s apartment door. Nessie isn’t happy with it, but agrees to stay inside for one night.

Who is the killer? What is it he wants from her?


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About the Author
Jackie Adams is an author who lives in Missouri on the outskirts of St. Louis. She resides with her son and two grand dogs. She's very thankful for her readers that take the time to believe in her dream.



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