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Back to Square One by Jackie Adams

Back to Square One

by Jackie Adams

390 pages
Jillian's life falls a part. Her husband has hit her for the last time after her son shoves her. She's not going to let the cycle continue. She moves in with her parents. Soon fires start everywhere. What is happening?

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Domestic
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About the Book
I know what youíre thinking. How could I stay in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship for twelve years with a man who despises me? We now have an eleven-year-old son together, Lewis. For the first time my son has shoved me like all the times he seen his father, Ray, do.

It only takes one time for my own son to abuse me when we end up leaving Ray to go to my parentís house. They happily take us in, and soon I have a seasonal job at Farmerís Market. Lewis and I have made new friends. We're happier than weíve ever been.

When I get the divorce papers, and we go to court about visitation with Lewis Iím neither surprised nor saddened. Lewis, my son, said he doesnít mind going to see his dad for visitation. The only problem is I have to worry about Rayís new act of playing a good father figure role will wear off. Will he start abusing Lewis, since Iím not home to take his abuse personally?

In time, Lewis and I situate to a healthier, functional routine. Lewis and I both have settled. Weíre still happy, and Ray has been on good terms with Lewis. I feel so great that I dip my toes in the dating scene. So, when this handsome man named Luke asks me to go out to eat with him, I agree to it. I soon regret it, though. It has nothing to do with him and everything to do with me. Iím not ready. Luke takes this to heart and becomes the rejected madman.

Soon fires are starting all around us. Businesses and places my friends and I go to catch flames. I canít believe it when Luke has the audacity to show up at my work and threaten me about the fires. Could he be the missing culprit behind them?

Will this dramatic chaos ever end, so that my son and I can move on with our lives and find ourselves better situated to a healthier dynamic? Did I make the biggest mistake thinking I could date without havoc?


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About the Author
Jackie lives on the outskirts of St. Louis with her teenage son and two dogs. She enjoys the book club she attends, vinyl records, and writing. She also likes to take hikes, be in nature, and attend people orientated programs.



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