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Catfished by Jackie Adams


by Jackie Adams

352 pages
Come join the Rom-Com adventure of Denise and Rowan, who meet in a chatroom using each otherís best friendsí photographs. Will they meet and how?

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Clean And Wholesome
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About the Book
Letís start off with telling you about Denise. Denise is from Texas. She is feeling overweight and ugly about herself. She uses her best friend, Jenniferís, photograph for a chatroom she joins. She figures if she can use Jenniferís photograph men will be interested in her. It works! She begins talking to a few men, but becomes more interested in a man named Rowan.

Rowan is from Missouri. Rowan is posing as his best friendís photograph, Sammy. Rowan is pretending to be an architect even though heís a cop. He thinks itís better, because architects make more money. He thinks without money he couldnít get a woman like Denise. Whom he has become quite fond of!

Denise and Rowan bond a very close friendship, but each of them end up meeting a different person in their own cities. Denise meets Christopher and Rowan meets Alexandra. Deniseís relationship starts out perfect with Christopher, but soon problems loom. Leading her back to Rowan. The same with Rowan. He ends up have a huge problem with Alex, so he ends up back talking to Denise.

Do the two of them ever meet? How will they meet posed as each otherís best friends??? This is a fun rom-com I know youíll enjoy!


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About the Author
Jackie Adams is an author who lives in Missouri. She lives with her teenage son and two dogs. She loves writing stories and sharing them with you.



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