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From The Jungle To The Boardroom by Mike Monahan

From The Jungle To The Boardroom

by Mike Monahan

176 pages
This book is about leadership and decision-making. In From The Jungle To The Boardroom, author Mike Monahan, focuses on the lessons he learned in the jungles of Vietnam and in leading as CEO of Life Success Seminars, a Cincinnati based nonprofit organization that provided personal and business leadership development.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
From The Jungle To The Boardroom is a memoir of author Mike Monahan's experiences in the Vietnam War as a scout dog handler and lessons learned and applied while leading Life Success Seminars, a Cincinnati based nonprofit. The author explores three main questions: Am I Prepared? - Am I Safe? - Am I Alone? He further explains how these three questions apply and have an impact on decisions made in everyday leadership in business and at home. This book handles a difficult period in our history with honor, humor and resolution. This is a must read if you are a leader and want to continue to grow and improve your skills.


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About the Author
Mike Monahan Mike Monahan is a well respected business coach, speaker and author. Mike has spent the past thirty years working in the personal growth and business development fields. In 2013 Mike retired from Life Success Seminars a Cincinnati nonprofit that closed recently, Mike served as CEO and lead facilitator for twenty years.

From the Jungle the Boardroom, Mike first book debuted as #1 INC. Magazine Bestseller. Mike has also written and published Occupy Your Future, Your Future is Stuck in Your Past, and Seven Simple Truths. Mike is the owner of ThinkMonahan, LLC and is available to speak upon request.



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