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by Larry R. Nixon

428 pages
A terrorist is stalking Representatives of Homeland Security attending a meeting at a wilderness lodge in Pennsylvania. The man is an expert sniper trained by our military, and Vic must find him before he fires a shot. Using only a bow and arrow Vic nearly accomplishes the mission.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Victor Flint is the man government agencies, such as the FBI and the CIA, turn to in times of crisis. At these times, Vic has the authority to use any method he deems necessary to solve the difficulties. In the past, while facing these situations, he has managed to stay within the law, but a threat against his friends from a militia based in the Midwest may change that. Laws become simple guidelines to try to follow, but not necessarily adhere to.

For years the Mountain Men, an ultraconservative militia based in the Midwest, have sent men on missions to kill Vic. All have disappeared. Hoping to find someone lucky enough to kill him, and reestablish their credibility, the new head of the militia recruits volunteers to get Flint. To lure him into a trap he threatens Vicís family and friends. With no hesitation, Vic takes the bait. Although standing alone against the militia, he believes he has the advantage.

Upon arriving in the militiaís backyard, and before coming up with a plan, Vic is confronted by the beautiful wife of the militiaís leader. After the confrontation, claiming assault, battery, and rape she has a warrant sworn out for his arrest. Everyone who knows Vic knows he would never attack and rape a woman, but she has evidence in the form of photos showing the extent of her injuries. Although the evidence is only circumstantial Vic realizes in this town, it will be insurmountable.

As a judge is preparing to issue a warrant for his arrest, Vic is approached by a CIA agent demanding he assist in apprehending a terrorist stalking Homeland Security Agents back east. This is the type of mission Vic has trained for and immediately goes on the attack. He must find and kill the terrorist before he fires a single shot. In Vicís mind, apprehending the terrorist is out of the question; killing the man is the only viable solution. Vic delays his vendetta against the Mountain Men and heads east. Crossing the state line makes the assault a federal offence placing him under the FBIís jurisdiction. Agents wait at the state line.

One of his best friends, a FBI agent, stops him in the next state and arrests him returning him to stand trial for the alleged attack and rape of the stunning woman. During jury selection, Vic is convinced his lawyer believes he is guilty and is choosing a jury that will ultimately convict him. No one in court believes this beautiful woman would bring false charges against anyone.


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About the Author
Larry R. Nixon Retired from Pratt & Whitney, Larry helped design jet engines for the military including preliminary work on the Navyís UCAS X-47. During his off-time Larry was an avid outdoorsman, bow hunting for deer in Michiganís Lower Peninsula, bear in the Upper Peninsula, and elk in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.



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