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STUNT GIRL by Larry R. Nixon


by Larry R. Nixon

504 pages
Valerie Patrick is a stunt girl working on a film being filmed in the Smokey Mountains. A mob hitman has been hired to kill her. It takes all of her gymnastic skills to allude him. The hitman is over twice her size, but she doesn't care.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Valerie Patrick is a stunt model working on a movie being filmed in the Smokey mountains. She subs for the star when the routines become hazardous.

In college she was on the gymnastics team. A superb athlete, she nearly made the 2004 Olympic Squad. For her, it was a natural transition from gymnastics to stunt work.

A mob boss hired a hitman to murder his major competitor. Although Valerie was in the next room while they were planning the hit, she could not hear any of the details.

When the murder was announced on the national news, the mob boss became worried that she may remember the meeting and tell the authorities about it. To remove her as a potential witness, he hired the same hitman to rub her out. The plan was to make her death appear accidental.

Because of her athleticism and dexterity, she avoided the initial attempts to kill her. The assassin decided to forget the subtle approach and resort to a more direct tactic, firearms, or explosives.


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About the Author
Larry Nixon lives in Troy, Michigan. He was born in Detroit Michigan and raised in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. He attended college at Penn State Extension in McKeesport. Until retiring, in 2009, his career has been engineering related. As a design engineer, three of his designs received patents.



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