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by Larry R. Nixon

320 pages
Pursued by assassins into the mountains, he waited in ambush.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Victor Flint is a highly trained operative who occasionally works undercover for the military and the FBI. Officially his profession is testing and developing prototype weapons and high-tech equipment for the military. Without knowing the full extent of his secret responsibilities, Vicís partner Susan, the founder of the high-tech testing facility, and programmer of a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence computer program (AI), continually fights the assignments that place him into dangerous situations all over the world. Ironically, Vic has to be on guard thwarting attacks from assassins sent to kill him because of his access to the AI program, not his clandestine duties for the government.

Victor Flint has a special aptitude for extricating himself from dangerous dilemmas. Taking advantage of this ability, Vicís best friends, an Army Colonel and a FBI agent, think nothing of placing him into life-threatening situations whenever America seems threatened. Although no longer in the military, he has been forced to take dangerous assignments as far away as Afghanistan. Recently, the CIA, learning of Vicís access to the AI program and his survival abilities, approached him with an offer he dared not refuse.

Although Vicís over seaís assignments are extremely dangerous, each one is short lived, but there is no break from the stateside menace centered on obtaining the AI computer program. This homegrown adversary is strong, vindictive, and has no conscience.


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About the Author
Larry R. Nixon Retired from Pratt & Whitney, Larry helped design the engines for the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightening. He now splits his time between Sebastian, Florida and Troy, Michigan. Larry has three grown children, two sons and one daughter. During his engineering career, he also worked for Aeroquip and General Motors.



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