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FEAR INSTINCT by Larry R. Nixon


by Larry R. Nixon

424 pages
A computer controlled by two people can revise the future.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Area 51 is a name familiar to everyone, a place in the Nevada desert where mysterious scientific projects are underway. Common knowledge recognizes that Area 51 is not alone in testing top-secret innovations: Lockheed’s Skunk Works in California, and Eglin Air Force Base in Florida’s panhandle to mention a few. But is there any truth to the rumor of a place somewhere in the Everglades called the Swamp Office where a modern-day, black-project is under development?

Artificial Intelligence is the name given to software programs having the ability to learn on their own. Although countless programmers have attempted to design AI software, their success has been limited. That’s a good thing. The possibilities presented by a perfected AI program are frightening. Let’s look at one scenario, predicting the future.

With no more input than the information available through the Internet, an AI workstation could predict the future with an alarming degree of accuracy.

Using AI we could prepare for natural disasters months in advance. We could stop terrorists from carrying out their heinous crimes. We could even prevent evil leaders from ever coming to power.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

There is a glitch, however. Along with the ability to predict the future is the ability to change it. Still sound good? In reality it would be a nightmare.

Who would control AI software and thus the world’s future: politicians, the military, big business, or the United Nations? How about the small group of unknown individuals who invented it in the first place?

Sergeant Victor Flint, trained in commando tactics, Major Hileman, Vic’s direct supervisor, and the beautiful, brainy Susan MacDonald, the head programmer, are working on a project for the military that has them terrified, Artificial Intelligence. After realizing the capabilities of AI, their number one priority became deception. No one can be trusted with the power of AI, not the military, and especially not politicians, for AI can predict the future. If you can predict the future you also have the ability to manipulate it.

This story is about the evolution of Victor Flint and the people involved with him in the design and perfection of Artificial Intelligence software, and the trauma they face after realizing the power they hold on their keyboards. Vic is a reluctant warrior tasked with the physical and oftentimes dangerous assignments necessary to keep things on course.


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About the Author
Larry R. Nixon Born in Detroit, Michigan raised in McKeesport, Pennsylvania and after seven years in the Air Force, Larry settled in Jackson, Michigan. He has two sons, a daughter, and two grandchildren. His professional career has been engineering related. Larry now lives in South Florida.
ASSASSIN INVISIBLE was his first novel.



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