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by Larry R. Nixon

324 pages
A mystery set in wilderness areas of Michigan and Colorado.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Two men, Victor Flint and his partner, equipped with primitive weapons, for reasons of stealth, go against heavily armed foes led by a ruthless evangelist and his hired assassin, nicknamed Adolph. Living solely on monetary gifts from his wealthy parishioners, the Reverend has more lucrative plans.

Adolph, proud of his elusiveness and sadistic skills, flaunts his gruesome acts of torture and murder by recording them on videotape and sending copies to relatives of his victims and to the police. For fifteen years he has evaded all world law enforcement organizations. No accurate description of him or the location of his refuge exists.

A developing computer program is the perfect tool needed to locate the Reverend, his hired assassin Adolph, and their sanctuary. Aware of the capabilities of this system, the Reverend sends Adolph on a mission to murder Vic and his friend Carl. While Carl, an ex-navy seal, is a serious physical threat, Vic is the main target. He alone possesses the knowledge to expose them. Vic, currently using the program in his clandestine training responsibilities, is unaware of the danger. His first clue comes in the form of four bullets fired at close range from a killer’s gun. Not one misses.


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About the Author
Larry R. Nixon Born in Detroit, raised in McKeesport, and after a few years in the Air Force, settled in Jackson, Michigan. Larry has three children and two grandchildren. Preferring action filled-hobbies, he has participated in sports, bowhunting, and backpacking in the Rockies. Choosing to remain active, he now dodges hurricanes in Florida.



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