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Ordinary Heroes by Al Perrin

Ordinary Heroes

by Al Perrin

302 pages
Five ordinary Americans rescue The President from terrorists.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Ordinary Heroes is a very timely story, placed against current world events in the Middle East. The jihadist’s leader, Hamid Al-Basra, orchestrates the kidnapping of The President of The United States. Hamid’s followers believe him to be the Islamic twelfth Imam, so his word is infallible as he attempts to establish a world-wide caliphate. He plans to behead the President of The United States as a first step in systematically usurping all of the world’s major religions. However, Hamid has moved far beyond al Qaeda’s low-tech operations and is now in control of highly sophisticated radar, an integrated air defense system, and face-recognition software. With Russia and China as his allies, Hamid knows that the US military cannot attack him without starting WWIII and endangering the life of the President they wish to save.

Five ordinary Americans who are not in Hamid’s database, are recruited to go into Hamid's stronghold and rescue the President. Each has an extraordinary talent that they use together to pull off the most daring rescue in history. All of the Ordinary Heroes team members have reason to hate the President, but set aside their own personal feelings and courageously pull off the impossible right under Hamid’s nose. The Ordinary Heroes members include an extremely skilled pilot, a former New York Yankees pitcher, an Olympic gold medalist and one of the world’s top martial artists. A disavowed CIA agent leads them all.

Tension and danger lurk throughout the book and an exciting airborne chase through the mountains of Iran keep the reader engaged until the end. Extremely well written with an exciting finish, this is one action tale that you will definitely want to pick up and read!


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About the Author
Al Perrin Al Perrin is a free-lance author with articles in RN Magazine, Grand Rapids Magazine, The Grand Rapids Press, The Tampa Tribune and Psychiatric Nursing textbooks.
He was voted one of the top ten authors in the Florida Writers Association’s Collection Contest for 2015.



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