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The Onion by Al Perrin

The Onion

by Al Perrin

174 pages
The final struggle between ultimate good and ultimate evil...

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
In 2015, author Al Perrin was voted one of the top 10 writers in Florida by the Florida Writers Association.

The Onion is the climactic fictional battle between the ultimate good and ultimate evil. It is the other side of the original bet between God and Satan over a man named Job in the Bible. Now, instead of Satan inflicting misfortune on a good man like Job, a Mafia drug boss John Scarlotti is given an opportunity to save his own soul. All he has to do is perform a single unselfish act in a week’s time. He finds himself back on Earth again with an angel to help him and a demon who must stop her. Can Scarlotti, whose life up to now was filled with selfishness, murder and violence actually do an unselfish act? And who will win this time – heaven or hell?


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About the Author
Al Perrin Al Perrin lives in Ruskin, Florida, and is the father of five children. Besides writing freelance magazine and newspaper articles, part-time, he works for Hospice as a Registered Nurse. "The Onion" is his first published book-length novel.



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