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Many False Prophets Shall Rise by Al Perrin

Many False Prophets Shall Rise

by Al Perrin

236 pages
An autobiography of a seventies religious cult disciple.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Cults
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About the Book
I was a part of a secret religious cult called The Movement for over six years. I followed all of their rules and I did everything they told me without question. During the time that I was a disciple in The Movement, I believed that everything we did was holy, right, and absolutely necessary. I believed that the leadership of The Movement was in direct contact with God and Christ, and that what they told me was from God Himself. While I was a disciple in The Movement, if "Sir,” asked me to kill somebody for the "Kingdom", then I would have done it cheerfully – secure in the knowledge that if "Sir" commanded it then so did God.

This is a very personal story, although it's a story that is very similar to many others told by thousands of disciples from other cults all across the United States. Despite what you may think, I did not make up or exaggerate any part of it. It all really happened. I’ve changed the names of all my brother, and sister disciples in this unique part of my life since the people described here are quite real.

This book has many levels. It is primarily a blow-by-blow description of a very bizarre experience in my life and describes many of the things that happened to me while I was in it. But it's also an interesting glimpse into the type of twisted logic that almost all cults have. I wrote sections of the book very shortly after leaving the organization, so much of the warped reality and inhibited thought processes are still there for you to examine.

Due to the almost constant programming and mind control techniques that we were subjected to, many of "Sir's" speeches are preserved here almost word-for-word. Some of them were edited heavily to make them easier to read, since many of "Sir's" talks were rambling affairs that are difficult to understand unless you are familiar with his own personal form of reality. They do provide, however, a very good look into the thought processes of a deified religious cult leader. They also look into some of the techniques he used to draw us into his sway as disciples.

The Movement started in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1968, and lasted until “Sir” was killed in 1993 during a helicopter crash. It no longer exists now, although many of its effects on former disciples certainly still do exist yet to this day. It affected thousands of people's lives – many tragically all across the United States. This is the story of how it affected mine.


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About the Author
Al Perrin Al Perrin lives in Ruskin, FL and is the father of five children, and eight grandchildren. He’s a free-lance author with six books, and numerous magazine, and newspaper articles to his credit. He was recently voted as one of Florida’s ten top authors by the Florida Writer’s Association.



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