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The Liberal Lie by Al Perrin

The Liberal Lie

by Al Perrin

253 pages
A conservative reference book that helps prove liberals are wrong.

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Category: Politics
About the Book
In 2015, author Al Perrin was voted one of the top 10 writers in Florida by the Florida Writers Association.

Finally, the conservative, who has been struggling for years in debates with emotional liberals, has a handbook that outlines for them in a very clear, and logical way exactly how wrong liberalism is. By using over 286 quotations from 114 sources, such as Karl Marx all the way to Ronald Reagan, The Liberal Lie, literally slam-dunks condescendingly superior liberals.

The Liberal Lie systematically peels away, in a logical, and common sense way, the layers of deceit that liberalism covers itself with. Then, by merely telling the truth, The Liberal Lie shows how wrong, and literally backwards liberals are about almost every single social issue there is. Historical roots, and motivations are examined in detail as well. Events such as Hiroshima, Vietnam, Kent State, and Tiananmen Square are shown to still greatly influence liberals and their emotional "feelings" today.. Even such shrill liberal contentions about racism, abortion, and gun control are all examined, and debunked. By taking each liberal philosophy in turn, and then logically telling the truth about it with explanations, and charts so simple, and compelling even the most ardent, and stubborn liberal is forced to grudgingly acknowledge that The Liberal Lie gives them "something to think about."

For way too long, the conservative viewpoint has been attacked, criticized, and laughed at, by liberal pseudo-intellectual emotionalism, but now this is at an end. For those who love their country, honor the American dream, and heritage, and who quietly live by Christian morals, The Liberal Lie will be a refreshing delight.

Dig-in, and enjoy.


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About the Author
Al Perrin lives in Ruskin, FL., and is the father of five children. He's been a free-lance writer for many years, with five books, and numerous magazine and newspaper articles to his credit. He's also a full-time Registered Nurse, working with homebound, terminally ill patients, and their families.



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