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Second Saga, Book One: Emmi's Pride by Jill Marie Denton

Second Saga, Book One: Emmi's Pride

by Jill Marie Denton

250 pages
Her band's on the rise, her heart's on the line.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Chick Lit
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About the Book
Emmi Vendetta is the charismatic lead singer of Second, a rock band on an unstoppable trajectory. Blonde and curvy, she captivates on stage, forming a powerful and sultry image for the five-female group. But as the band manager and agent, she is Second's professional face, and offstage, she takes that role, and her dedication to it, seriously.

One night, she stumbles into the man of her dreams, dark and handsome British actor Simon Piers. Suddenly, the safe, cold wall she puts between her heart and the speculative media is threatened. Her body craves what her steadfast and cautious mind fears most; media critique, dismissal of her proficient image and Second's downfall at the hands of outside interests. But their gravitation is inescapable, and her desires cause her resolve to falter.

Will Emmi's pride stand in the way of the happiness Simon promises, or will she find room in her life for a chance at true love?



About the Author
Jill Marie Denton Jill is a long-time fan of women's fiction and rock music, marrying her 2 interests in Second Saga. She is a chef, HR professional and avid romance writer. By creating strong-willed, relatable and contemporary characters, she writes to help women realize their inner strength and the power of their passion.



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