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Second Saga, Book Five: Marilyn's Promise by Jill Marie Denton

Second Saga, Book Five: Marilyn's Promise

by Jill Marie Denton

262 pages
Marilyn only needs two things: music and her friends. Henry only needs her, and nothing scares him more. It's time for Second Saga to end, and for Marilyn to get everything she never knew she needed.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Chick Lit
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About the Book
Marilyn's entire life revolves around music. As Second's keyboardist, producer and scout, she's constantly seeking out ways to keep rock music alive and kicking. The rawest and most natural musician in the group makes her a sought-after ally and comrade in the metal industry, keeping her world hopping and her dance card full.

Henry, Second's dutiful butler, only caught sight of Marilyn briefly the year before, but his entire world stopped at the sight. Covetous and secretive, he pines for his wayward crush, all the while serving his household and mistresses with undying affection.

When Marilyn returns home to Haven, Henry is bewitched all over again, but drama soon follows. The two need patience, understanding and a little luck to weather the storm. Along with her Second sisters, Marilyn's life is about to change forever.

Can Henry win over the headstrong musician? It'll take some effort, but a butler's work is never done.


A phenomenal ending to a spectacular series. It's so easy to fall in love with Mar and Henry. I will miss all these characters!
- S. Garson
This story has it all - love, strife, betrayal, healing, humor and honesty. From top to bottom, Marilyn's Promise is a satisfying and heartwarming read.
- M. Watson
I'm so happy for our butler, Henry! His long-awaited happily ever after gave me chills.
- L. Taylor-Reece


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About the Author
Jill Marie Denton Jill Marie is a lover of women's fiction and rock music, marrying them in Second Saga. She specializes in empowered women, sardonic humor and second chances. She shares her life with a loving husband, rambunctious cat and a horde of cookbooks.



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