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Second Saga, Book Three: Deis' Purpose by Jill Marie Denton

Second Saga, Book Three: Deis' Purpose

by Jill Marie Denton

258 pages
Deis, bassist for rock band Second, has talent in spades. Sultry and exotic, she commands attention on and off stage. As an accomplished pediatric physician, she's also in high demand in the medical field. Balancing the two is becoming trickier now that Charlie Taylor's on the scene. The dark, charming lead singer of White Light is on the prowl.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Chick Lit
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About the Book
DeAnna Sarafian, Secondís intrepid bassist, is the tie that binds. Now known in both music and medicine as Deis, this fiery and exotic woman uses charm, wit and intellect to push boundaries and win over critics. Maternal and dutiful, this Armenian-American vixen works overtime to keep her friends on the same page.

This accomplished pediatric diagnostician is assigned the toughest case of her life, a teenager with an illusive illness and inexplicable symptoms. Pushed to the edge, Deis faces criticism, ridicule and oppression in the face of this impossible case. Having a hopeless crush on her mind doesnít help, either.

Secondís pet project White Light and their lead singer Charlie Taylor, dark and mysterious, has derailed the normally composed bassist and doctor, leaving her obsessed and preoccupied. Heís physical perfection in her mind, but his heart is taken by another, one Deis has no hope of competing against.

Overwhelmed and exhausted, Deis is running out of time to diagnose her patient and cure her own desperation for Charlieís attention. Will she win this race or succumb right along with her patient?


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About the Author
Jill Marie Denton Jill Marie is a long-time fan of fiction and rock music, marrying them in Second Saga. She's a writing instructor, chef and vlogger, enjoys travel, gaming, baking and her little family. She delights in creating empowered characters to help women realize their inner strength and power of their passion.



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