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Second Saga, Book Four: Destiny's Passion by Jill Marie Denton

Second Saga, Book Four: Destiny's Passion

by Jill Marie Denton

236 pages
Second's drummer Destiny is a love 'em and leave 'em type, scarred and love starved but not apologetic. Unfortunately for her and her staunch MO, Leif's not a quitter. When his taste lingers on her tongue, can she really turn her back on him?

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Chick Lit
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About the Book
Destiny, Second’s enigmatic founding member, was born for the spotlight. With drumsticks in hand and ambition in heart, she created and led her Second sisters to fame with pure drive and fiery intensity. With Emmi now in charge, the wild child is devouring the fruit of her success, bewitching the rock music industry by day and indulging in blisteringly hot liaisons by night.

Mother taught her well. Enjoy your indulgences and leave them far behind. Fame waits for no one, after all. But Destiny’s heart is hers alone, and despite her best efforts, one talented indulgence makes his way back into her vision, wreaking havoc on the wanton heart she’d kept sequestered for so long.

Destiny’s got the chance to break free, to reform and rediscover what truly lies within. Only she can determine if her passion is strong enough to conquer her fear. Can she transform before her time runs out?


These books just keep getting better and better. This book had me intrigued from the very first chapter! And the rest of the story did not disappoint. Destiny is relatable and real. And you can't help falling in love with Leif.
- B. Maffett
I really enjoyed this book. Easy and fun to read. Descriptive but not over the top. Loved the ending! Looking forward to the next installment.
- L. Ayers
I loved the roles the girls of Second played and places Ms. Denton took us in this book. It's an enjoyable read. Looking forward to her next one.
- N. Smith


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About the Author
Jill Marie Denton Jill Marie wants you to realize the power of their passion. A chef by day and novelist by night, but she's always dreaming up new empowered characters and intriguing tales. A lover of sweets, salt and snark, she's always up for a farmer's market trip or a beach day.



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