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THE TRAVELERS by Stephen Hobbs


by Stephen Hobbs

162 pages
Western fiction intertwined with science fiction, sweeten by love.

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
A mini-novel of solitaire individuals who came together without reason beyond fate and the need to survive in a rugged Western America, while leaning on the attributes of each other, as they traveled alone and then together. One became two then three and eventually six individuals followed a map with a star indicating a city. One knew of and why they must follow, two fell in love, one was lost and reprogrammed, one suddenly remembered where home laid, and the other found the five to become six, and when that moment came only one remained, as the others vanished in a flash of lights. One would return after a time never forgotten of a journey to a distant star that had two sunsets. This one would find the one left behind, and life would continue in love and harmony on this earth. In the shadows of the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado, just northeast of San Luis, one would find a cabin round in shape sitting beside the Rio Grande River. In disrepair but filled with memories of a journey that continues even today, if one would only look at the lights as they cross the Chamberlain Ranch and slip behind the mountains. One must believe that what one sees is not fantasy but beings who come and go for the betterment of others, on a twinkling star in the distant sky. Maybe tomorrow at twilight, as darkness falls a light will come and you will leave to go home. If so, tell Henry people miss him and will never forget him.


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About the Author
Born on an Easter morning, this author is the only son of six siblings. Through his clairvoyant visions of peoples and events, he writes what is unseen. Eccentric and stoic in life reflects his individualistic belief in the truth of his written words, from a time long ago.



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