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THE BROKEN COACH by Stephen Hobbs


by Stephen Hobbs

142 pages
Western fiction, webbed together by intrigue and love

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Within any family there is a beginning, as a seed which sprouts and makes roots. Some of us doubt our ancestry and some would deny the very thought of being related to certain individuals within a family structure, but none the less, we all have roots buried somewhere in the past.

A find in the Arizona desert sends Nathan searching for his roots. Not so much the find of a broken coach, but rather the yearning to know where his roots are buried.

The blood of his ancestors that runs through his veins is not pure, and he knows his search may be in vain. His Apache features, along with his height and the reddish tint to his hair, give evidence of that.

Unaware at the moment, while sitting in the midst of a long forgotten coach, Nathan's quest has begun. With turns and twists in the deserts of the southwest, Nathan's search interlocks with that of a young Apache of old, to come full circle once again at a basin, where a broken coach of the Butterfield line, rests for eternity.


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About the Author
With a vivid imagination from youth, the author chose to entertain himself with those things no one else could see.
Pen to paper, became a canvass for others to enjoy his imaginative, through the authors mental visions of peoples and events.



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