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GRANT'S STATION by Stephen Hobbs


by Stephen Hobbs

108 pages
A western fiction of hardship and found love

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
The hope chest was just another item to be moved from the house to a storage room at the rear of the general store. Zachary was moving other boxes when he found the hope chest that had been in the family for generations. Seeing the contents he decided to wait on his sibling Celeste, before going through the items within, as she was on her way from Washington State.

Unaware at the time, Celeste would eventually find a journal from long ago near the bottom of the chest. Written by hand, Zachary's task was to make it readable from its many entries. Events written from the heart of Great Grandfather that made his generation come to be. Zachary was touched by the written pages he found. The pages of Grant's Station contain that journal as well as a beginning that was unwritten until told to Zachary by persons unseen in this world. A lifetime of being lost to finding true love during the young days of the old west; Grant's Station reads as a journal of heartache and misery that encircles two lives into a romantic journey through the sands of time and time forever.


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About the Author
The author is a self proclaimed visionary whose visions become reality as pen is put to paper. As stories are told within they come forth as vivid tales of intrigue and mystery. To him the visions are paint and the paper canvass. A written mural for others to enjoy.



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