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Beyond the Door With No Knob by Stephen Hobbs

Beyond the Door With No Knob

by Stephen Hobbs

144 pages
Tales of the weird and uncanny

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
From the joy of finding a lost love to being trapped within a formidable piece of rock called anvil.

A moment lost in time to a time lost in a moment. A strange family of mutants to a homecoming offset by a home going.

Within these pages are unbelievable stories but once read become feasible in a weird sometimes morbid method of conclusion.

Stories of moral ethics intertwined with no ethical morals.

Tales to drive one mad in a tragic way but tragic in a humorist bone chilling reflection of what things are unseen before our eyes could be just a blinking of the eyes away behind a mental veil.

Read with care and caution unless you become tangled as so many others. Halfway between what is possible and could be a placebo of reality.


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About the Author
Born on an Easter morning the author is the only son of six siblings. The third child as a thorn between roses grew to become individualistic in nature more so in the art of survival then choice. Words from a mind fertile in the uncanny reflecting a self portrait.



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