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American Mole: The Cartel by Ronald W. Hull

American Mole: The Cartel

by Ronald W. Hull

362 pages
Mole infiltrates cartel planning to buy the US presidency.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
American Mole: The Cartel is the second book in the American Mole trilogy. Jason Forsythe has completed his first mission as John Jacob (JJ) Olson and escaped to Central America to leave behind the horror of working for the cult of Pius One, founder of The Vespers.

Jason is seeking out an old friend, Randy Cunningham in Costa Rica, but has an adventure in the Yucatán along the way. On his way to find Randy he has a brief encounter with a beautiful Rose Hernandez only to be faced with her untimely death by volcano.

After some searching, Jason finds Randy and decides that he would like to settle in this small Caribbean seaside community, intrigued by a mysterious, cursed Dead Man’s Island, just offshore. Learning that the island is for sale, also learns that it is going up for auction. He takes a crash course in conversational Spanish in Guatemala only to experience, once again, the danger posed by all the volcanoes on the Pacific Rim.

Returning to Costa Rica, Jason places the highest bid on the island and gets it, only to find that there are a lot of strings attached. The notorious leader of the cartel gang ES 17, Ignacio (Iggy) Sanchez had built the Island and then set Jason up to be his point man in Iggy’s plot to have his sons become president of the United States like the Kennedys.

Jason finds a castaway on the island, Lovely Harper, who has escaped enslavement by ES 17. Mutually attracted, Lovely becomes Jason’s partner in every way. They are sent on many missions to launder money in the Cayman Islands and other locations and donate money lavishly on behalf of Iggy’s oldest son, Antonio (Tony) Sanchez, rising rapidly through political office.

With the help of a political blogger and his sources, Tony’s carefully planned campaign begins to unravel, and the discovery of Lovely’s sisters, Hope and Angel, held captive as sex slaves for the rich and famous, cuts at the heart of Iggy’s empire. Read the rest of find out how Jason can claim tremendous success and great loss in the hands of political and geological forces beyond his control.


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About the Author
Ronald W. Hull Ronald W. Hull is the author of five novels of science fiction and adventure, two short story books, and his autobiography. An educator and engineer, Dr. Hull spent 40 years in higher education. He is quadriplegic, paralyzed 52 years. Ron resides in Houston, Texas with his longtime companion, Beh.



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