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The Kaleidoscope Effect by Ronald W. Hull

The Kaleidoscope Effect

by Ronald W. Hull

112 pages
Historically-based SciFi novella of first contact with extraterrestrials.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The Kaleidoscope Effect is an extraordinary phenomenon that takes place in a few short moments of first contact. In this short novel, Dr. Ronald W. Hull spans 6000 years to flesh out the full ramification of his theory. The basis for the Kaleidoscope Effect is science, not fantasy. Other movies and novels have attempted to describe what first contact with extraterrestrials may be like. Ron Hull believes that the advanced nature of extraterrestrials would not have them arriving in spaceships, seeding the planet with life, examining or eating us for food. There is no war of the worlds, only discovery, as Hull takes us from the Iceman of the Alps to our journey to the stars. His characters are ordinary people just struggling to live and understand the world of their birth, not fictional legends of superhuman personality.


Much is left to imagination, but in a way this is right and good. … [H]ow many Sci-Fi novels of today have you heard of that offer a positive and enlightening theme for mankind to ponder rather than the negative Techno-Crap that is currently offered on the commercial shelves?
- Michael Guy, Jazz Composer/Author of "The Last Renaissance Man"
[Hull’s novella] is in many ways reminiscent of Greg Bear's sci-fi classic Eon. … an original and well-conceived take on the First Contact theme, and is arguably one of the most uplifting and optimistic variations on this genre.
- Toby Endom, Publisher/Author of "Ten to Midnight"


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About the Author
Ronald W. Hull Ron Hull, engineer, educator, and author, writes novels and poetry
Dr. Hull has worked in higher education 37 years. He is author of TSU's award winning energy plan and four science fiction and historical novels, available in paperback in bookstores and on the Internet. Ron resides in Houston, Texas.



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