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American Mole:  The Vespers by Ronald W. Hull

American Mole: The Vespers

by Ronald W. Hull

300 pages
Jason serves the USA to defeat terrorists from within.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
About the Book
American Mole: The Vespers is a sequel to Warís End. The story opens with the unthinkable destroying Washington, D.C. and the government with it. Jason Forsythe feels it firsthand, first from the interruption of his physics class, and then the loss of his sister and parents.

Ordered to leave his family home, Jason sets out for his grandmotherís home in the Virginia Mountains. He finds sanctuary and solace there but has lost his plans for college. Jasonís Uncle, Colonel James Forsythe, survives in a bunker under the Pentagon. The new President puts the Colonel in charge of an elite corps of moles to undermine and destroy terrorists, fringe groups, and cults, worldwide.

Jasonís Uncle violates the rules to allow Jason in. After an Ivy League education and advanced military training, he is dropped into the world to pick his target, seek it out, and destroy. Thousands join him.

Jason goes to Chicago without identification and becomes someone else. Later, in Wisconsin, he infiltrates a cult of diabolical proportions with connection to the DC experience. With intuition and good fortune, Jason defeats his worst adversary when he still has years to serve.

Heís on his way to Central America and years to go before he finds out the truth about his familyÖ.


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About the Author
Ronald W. Hull Ron Hull is an engineer, educator, and author. He is a graduate engineer with a doctorate in education. Dr. Hull has worked at Texas Southern University for over twenty years. His poetry is published in anthologies. Ron is also author of TSU's award-winning energy plan and four novels.



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