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Verge of Apocalypse Tales by Ronald W. Hull

Verge of Apocalypse Tales

by Ronald W. Hull

212 pages
Seven fictional apocalyptic short stories and end of world scenarios

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
Verge of Apocalypse Tales is a collection of short stories focused on the year 2012 and the dire predictions from many sources indicating that the author’s birthday, December 21, 2012 would be the apex of global calamity.

When a high school classmate suggested that he had stopped World War III in the course of his work for the Air Force, the author decided to write a short story about a possible nuclear catastrophe. That story led to one about the possible arrival of comets or meteors. Stories about ecological disaster and moral breakdown came to mind. News stories reinforced the ideas for new stories as they were written.

If you like a story with scary, but realistic, consequences, based on science and history, you’ll like these stories, especially if you like stories with a twist. If you’re looking for stories about relationships or fantasy, these stories are not for you. Two of the stories were previously published in Its in the Water and Other Stories.

Curl up with this book and enjoy the snippets about what may or may not happen in the near future and beyond.

Here’s what some readers have written:

Revenge of the Gulf — Tom Hyland — Scary story! — highly probable!
As Puck once said: "What fools these mortals be!"
Hellava Way to Die — Tina Clark — The terrible part is that it could so very well be true! — Sandra Mushi — Gawd, This was geez ... soo realistic.
Wish upon a Falling Star — Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado — Fantastic science fiction! — Vivian Dawson — So well written is the intrigue but equally captivating is the scary!!! — Jon Willey — It reminds me a bit of the old movie, "Year of The Comet," Ron, presented it in a manner that kept the story moving along…
On the Brink of World War III — Patrick Granfors — Masterful, suspenseful and Clancy like. Reminded me of the "mystery sea launch" here last spring that was captured by the news media but never explained. — Leland Waldrip — What a story! It's the very scenario that everyone feared so much. A mistake leading to the end of life.
It's in the Water — Gerald Zollar — Michael Crichton, watch out.
Regis Auffray — I was reminded of Neville Shute's "On The Beach."
Shockwave — Vivian Dawson — Healing of scars more than a bandaid fix.
C. Dennis-Woosley — This was a wonderful story [that] kept me captured beginning to end! For my idea this was all a dream conjured within his mind while in a coma and then awakening.
Last Man Standing — Chip Bergeron — Chilling... and a little too close to reality to be comfort-able.
Elephants and Donkeys — Donna Chandler — A truly well-written and entertaining story with many life lessons just below the surface.
Serial — Mark Lichterman — Scary. Kind of like, "Play Misty For Me.”
Nympho Stalker — Jane Noponen Perinacci — Reminds me of "Lolita."


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About the Author
Ronald W. Hull Ron Hull, engineer, educator, and author, has been writing since he was in high school in Wisconsin. Dr. Hull has retired from Texas Southern University after thirty years. He is author of four novels, his autobiography, and many poems. Ron's latest is a second book of apocalyptic short stories.



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