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Advanced Keys For Life Management by Diane K. Chapin

Advanced Keys For Life Management

by Diane K. Chapin

270 pages
Life changing methods; the axis that the Universe turns upon.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
Book number nine of this series, includes 1) invaluable information and methods for the use of light & energy expanding your consciousness and spiritual advancement through Grace and into Unity Consciousness… information that is DIRELY needed by all of humanity as Earth transitions into other dimensions. 2) a personal experience of the effects of living in Unity Consciousness, 3) a large selection of high-interest-topic quotes from throughout the first nine books 4) a stand-alone meditation/exercise to enhance the practitioner’s connection to (or awareness of) Source and 5) as in other books in this series, while not intentional, authoritative refutation of various earth-plane-developed church doctrines.

This last material to be presented by The Buddha Consciousness (TBC) through Diane is essentially a graduate course in learning to live a more spiritualized existence through and within Unity Consciousness. From TBC: “The concepts in this book must be deeply absorbed over time and can bring about a tremendous shift in your awareness: That you are a Magical Being – not as a spiritual IDEA that you read about, or an abstract concept to be contemplated as philosophy, but that – YOU ARE A MAGICAL BEING IN REALITY. Your consciousness, your awareness opens gradually to a massive change in your understanding and experience. Advanced Keys… can show you new ways to manage your life as a Magical Being… as a spiritual adult.”


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About the Author
Diane K. Chapin After a very demanding seven-year training period, Diane became a ‘transparency for Spirit,’ well beyond being a ‘channel,’ but a ‘vehicle,’ willing to set ego aside and live as a spiritual tool; with a Presence of God’s grace, unconditional love, healing energy and communication that is on-going, ever-present, always available.



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